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Chairman: Zhu Xianren
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Nature: Collective-Township Enterprise & Others
Shanghai Huasheng Textile Co., Ltd. is a professional textile enterprise engaging in cloth weaving and garments making. It has 2 subsidiaries, they are Shanghai Huasheng Cloth Weaving Plant and Shanghai Huareng Garments MFG Plant. The first one is specializing in cotton flannelette, corduroy, yarn khaki and denim. The latter one is specializing in casual garments, night suits and pants, various pants which are all exported to HK, Macao, Japan and countries in Europe and America. Shanghai Huasheng Cloth Weaving Plant, close to Pudong Int'l Airport, having 222 sets of weaving machines, rapier looms and other advanced weaving facilities. Covering an area of 16000 square meters, the pl...
Cross-stitch fabric
Cross-stitch fabric
Cross-stitch fabric
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Shanghai Huasheng Textile Co., Ltd. Telephone: 0086-21 -62335588 Fax: 0086-21 -62732266
Address: Block A, 12/F, No. 57, Lane 800, West Zhongshan Rd.,Shanghai, China